Soul Dining experience

Finally we had the chance to check out Soul Dining, a Korean restaurant with a modern twist using local produce. It’s regarded as one of the must-visit restaurants in Sydney. Located on bustling Devonshire St, a teeming thoroughfare of the new Sydney Light Rail from the City to the East. This street is a foodie destination with restaurants and pubs abound this area, with easy access to the ever popular Crown St. and beyond.

Soul Dining

Soul Dining has a cosy yet adequate space, relaxed and accented by dusky interiors, so if you want to take photos make sure to carry a lighting gadget. It’s chick, modern yet casual. At the entrance, there is a small seating area where customers can enjoy an outdoor feel whilst enjoying a meal and inside, the chairs and tables complement its moody, minimalistic vibe. Bar and kitchen is well-lit, so customers seated near this area can see all the action.

Menu is divided into five offerings, Raw, Earth, Sea, Land, Dessert and a Tasting Menu along with a lovely wine menu to match. We opted to try out the tasting menu $65 per person and we chose the Wagyu Steak as the main which added $20 per person. After we placed our order, a complementary soft and slightly charred bread was served.

Food and tasting menu changes according to the season! First dish of the course was Kingfish in Kimchi Water with Avocado Puree and White Kimchi. A combination of raw fish packed with umami punchy flavour, it’s a stellar dish!

Wagyu Tartare

Yukhoe (Beef Tartare) is a popular Korean dish topped with raw egg yolk. We’ve tried this a few times already. Soul Dining’s rendition is quite playful, it’s subtly seasoned with tiny slices of singo pear adding sweetness to the meat. But what really tantalised our palate was the accompanying deep fried seaweed chips to scoop up the meat or just nibble on the side, crunchy with a salty bite, a perfect pairing to the meat.

Kim’s Grilled Eggplant

Say cheese! Grilled eggplant with anchovy paste, tomato jam and dusted with generous manchego cheese! Eggplant is grilled perfectly, its meaty texture is tender with smokey notes and all the added elements elevate its rich taste.

Prawn Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki (rice cake) is the main hero of this dish alongside slices of Yamba prawn. The well infused prawn bisque is silky, packed with a complex flavour profile. It will warm your palate with the added njuda and capsicum samba. It’s a stand out dish!

Melts in the mouth is an understatement! The wagyu MB-8+ sirloin was charred perfectly. This pink-to-red centre is so tender giving a juicy mouthfeel, admittedly it’s the best steak that we’ve ever had for a while. Served with galbi juice, wasabi and egg yolk, this steak is to die for. If you are not fan of egg yolk, the galbi juice is good enough as sauce for the meat. Half free range chicken (Korean traditional) chilli glazes is the other option.

Cinnamon Churros

We finished off the course on a sweet note of a donut shaped Cinnamon Churros with espresso glaze topped with salted caramel ice cream, sea salt and peanuts! It’s rich, nicely textured and a right amount of sweetness! We thoroughly enjoyed the finale of this six course dinner.

Soul Dining

Overall, we had a great time, food, staff and ambience ticks all the boxes. If you’re familiar with Korean food or new to the experience, this is a must-try to expand your dining odyssey. Soul Dining raised the bar high with its take on modern Korean fusion. For the record, we recommend this restaurant.

Soul Dining
204 Devonshire St Surry Hills
NSW 2010
Email :
Voice: 02 8593 4957

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