Filipino Food Movement Australia presents “Food Philippines – a Bounty of Flavours”

Want to learn how to cook some easy and delicious Filipino food? The Filipino Food Movement Australia Inc. will present a series of short cooking videos using the finest ethnic and premium products of the Philippines in partnership with the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC) Sydney, Department of Trade and Industry Sydney and the Department of Trade and Industry Export Marketing Bureau to increase awareness and understanding of Filipino Cuisine to the wider Australian audience.

BBQ Garlic Prawns

The videos aim to teach simple recipes that are easy to cook at home, distinctly Filipino in flavour and nature and suitable to the Australian palate counting down to Christmas.

Four videos are being released as follows:

Video One released 13th Nov 2020
Product being promoted: Mama Sita’s Marinade Barbeque Sauce.
Presenter: Andrei Balingit.
Dishes being presented: BBQ Pork Tomahawk, BBQ Garlic Prawns, BBQ Lettuce and Mango Salad.

BBQ Pork Tomahawk

Video Two to be released 20th Nov 2020
Product being promoted: Miki’s Purple Yam Powder. Presenters: Dhanette Dizon, Jake Ramos, Jennifer Chong. Dishes being presented: Ube Lava Cake, Ube waffles, Ube Latte.

Ube Waffles

Video Three to be released 27th Nov 2020
Product being promoted: Mama Sita’s Sinamak and Mama Sita’s Coconut Nectar Vinegar. Presenters: Nina Alcantara, Adam Hall.
Dishes being presented: Chicken Adobo, Summer Tuna Kinilaw, Filipino sawsawan (dipping sauce) varieties.

Chicken Adobo / Tuna Kinilaw

Video Four to be released 4th Dec 2020.
Product being promoted: Soyuz Foods Calamansi Extract.
Presenters: Michelin Dapo, Miko Aspiras.
Dishes being presented: Calamansi Summer Trifle, Calamansi Butterfly Pea Flower Tea.

Calamansi Summer Trifle

Why not try these easy, tasty recipes at home and discover the taste of Filipino food in your own kitchen! Videos will be available to watch on all Filipino Food Movement Australia’s social media platforms (take note of the dates), Facebook, Instagram and Website.


The Filipino Food Movement Australia​ is a registered non-profit organisation composed of passionate foodies, business owners and community members who embrace the Filipino heritage and its unique culinary ancestry. Its mission is to champion Filipino food and culture into mainstream, and to create broader awareness and appreciation of The Philippines’ culinary heritage through education, social networking and collaboration.

For further information please contact Anna on ​

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