Pick a Signature or Build your own poke bowl at Finn Poké

Mahalo Sydneysiders! The poke-nominal bowls of Byron Bay and Surfers Paradise has landed on the beautifully laid out food centre on Level 5 of Westfield Shopping Centre Corner Pitt St and Market St in the CBD. Finn Poké opened its first shop in Byron Bay in 2017, a brainchild of brother and sister Jem and Joelle Jacinto and now it’s Sydney’s turn to be bowled. 

Finn Poke – Westfield Sydney

Poke (pronounced ‘poh-kay’) is a traditional Hawaiian dish consisting of slices of fresh seafood, rice, pickles, vegetables, soy sauce and other ingredients. These umami packed high in quality protein bowls gained popularity worldwide as a wholesome choice nutritionally and they make a terrific lunch, dinner or snack. So delicious you can’t go wrong no matter when you enjoy them!

For those who are not familiar with poke bowls, ordering at Finn Poké is easy as, 10 signature Hawaiian style creations are on offer with your choice of different base. Base to choose from are Organic House Blend Rice, Buckwheat Noodles, Salad Mix and Locally Farmed Kale. The other option of course is to build your own poke bowl with 4 steps to follow: Choose you Base, Select your Protein, Select the Sauce, Add your Fillings, that simple.  

Easy Menu

We had the opportunity to try out the following poke bowls including a winter warmer treat at our recent visit.

Big Katuna S – $14.95 L – 17.95 Genuinely the best tuna poke bowl we’ve ever eaten, it’s a flavour packed seafood bowl with fluffy organic rice as a base. With slight shoyu flavour, it was a perfect accompaniment to the fresh tuna slices. Adding savoury flavour are the crunchy roasted pickled ginger, crispy onion and seaweed salad. All the umami goodness in a bowl.

Big Katuna

Shroom Noodle Soup – $12.95 Winter is soup season and this is what you exactly what you need with choice of chicken or tofu (vegetarian). The nutty taste of the buckwheat noodles was complimented by the tender chicken slices along with seasonal mushroom, fresh beans sprouts and coriander. Broth was a burst of flavour in every slurp. 

Shroom Noodle Soup

Spicy Salmon Shaka Gluten Free – S $13.95 L – $16.95 Bright colours with warming heat flavours on the tastebuds! The bowl came with bed of buckwheat topped with slices of fresh salmon, red onion, bean sprouts, daikon, watermelon radish, shiso, furikake (mixed seasoning) and mayo. Let your eyes appreciate the many textures and colours, let alone the flavours in this one beautiful bowl. 

Spicy Salmon Shaka

The Sword – S $13.95 L – $16.95 This bowl with organic house blend rice as base will take your tastebuds to the beach, it’s filling and loaded of complementing flavours and textures. Topped with fresh slices of swordfish, green chilli, pineapple, pickled ginger, coriander, crispy onion and spicy yuzu. Now that’s a flavour profile in a bowl. 

The Sword

Our meals were washed down by by fresh juices. 

Fresh Juice

Finn Poke’s main ingredients Tuna and Swordfish are wild caught in long lines, sustainable, responsibly fished off the Eastern Coast of Australia and is MSC certified whist the Atlantic Salmon is sustainably raised in Tasmania. The farm is ASC certified for sustainable practices. Let’s go poke!

Follow Finn Poké on Instagram: Finn Poke and Facebook: Finn Poke .


WESTFIELD SYDNEY PITT STREET Level 5, Cnr Pitt St Mall and Market St Sydney NSW 2000

BYRON BAY Shop 5/8 Fletcher Street Byron Bay, NSW 2481 02 6685 8156

BROADBEACH,PACIFIC FAIR Hooker Boulevard, Broadbeach, QLD 4218 The Patio, Level One 07 5592 4812

BURLEIGH HEADS JAMES STREET 1/11 James Street, Burleigh Heads, QLD 4220 07 5576 6475

E_deliciou_S dined as guests


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