Restaurant Review: Brooklyn Depot Kitchen and Brew – Surry Hills

When I think of Brooklyn, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Brooklyn Bridge that connects between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Without a doubt, this suspension bridge is one of my favourite spots in New York City, it can be crowded at times but the breathtaking Manhattan skyline, sunset and river views never fails to impress and there’s always something new waiting to be discovered at both ends of the bridge, and is a Mecca for foodies.


Brooklyn Depot

Dining at  Brooklyn Depot’s Kitchen and Brew  is an experience like no other, it feels like being transported back to New York City. The restaurant is located along Holt St, in Surry Hills, a once fashion wholesale district of Sydney is now a bustling food destination with many little eateries and bars to choose from.


Brooklyn Depot

Stepping inside Brooklyn Depot, you’ll immediately captivated by the New York feel, one wall is painted with New York’s most iconic images, paying homage to the city that never sleeps along with a big photo of Brooklyn Bridge, giving an aesthetic pleasure. It’s a modern space accented by soft lighting including a neon sign that creates an inviting and fun vibe.


Brooklyn Depot

Everything here is American Diner inspired, with an emphasis of the old Brooklyn recipes. The drinks menu is extensive, there’s something for everyone. Recently, they’ve added a new line-up of menu items.


Big Poppa & Cavill-tini

We kicked off the night with palate cleansing cocktails, Cavill-tini – $14, served on a tray. A vodka based, peach liquor, apple juice, passionfruit, lime juice, sugar and fairy floss which was served separately in another glass and melted when the cocktail was poured in, a magical scene. The other cocktail was Big Poppa – $14, apple vodka, apple liquor, watermelon liqueur, apple juice, lime juice and sugar syrup. The sweetness of the popping candy around the rim of the glass added a flavourful twist to the cocktail.

We tasted the following from the menu. ( N – New item on the menu)


Lobster Mac & Cheese

What would an American diner be without the all time favourite Lobster Mac & Cheese – $18 (N). The  taste of the lobster added harmony to the macaroni and 3 cheese sauce mixed, it was creamy with golden toppings.


Cheeseburger empanadas

The 4 pieces Cheeseburger Empanadas – $16 (N) is a perfect sharing dish. These bad boys have all the classic flavours of a cheeseburger wrapped in a crispy pastry served with a very flavourful dipping sauce.


French Dip Sandwich

Deliciously drippy French Dip on a Fresh Baguette – $16 (N), hands down to this crusty roll filled with juicy tender beef brisket, caramelised onions and provolone cheese, every bite is melt in your mouth. The beef jus/gravy dipping sauce adds great flavour to the meat. The dish also comes with potato chips.


Chicken N ‘Waffle

When the waitress brought The Chicken n’ Waffle – $22 (N), we were in awe with the presentation. The striking red velvet ‘bubble style’ and golden pieces of fried chicken is a total eye catcher. The chicken pieces were tender, juicy with hint of smokiness whilst the waffles were a little bit sweet. Served with maple cream and flavoured butter, this is a soul food match made in chicken and waffle heaven.


Pork Belly Thingies

Bite-sized pork belly nuggets, crispy on the surface and tender on the inside, the Southern Fried Pork Belly Thingies – $14 (N), you can wash it all down with cocktails, fine wine or beer, will surely hit all the right spots. This comes with a sweet BBQ and apple sauce.


Caramel Pecan Chocolate Brownie

If there’s a room for dessert, go for it, but I warn you that desserts come in generous servings like the Caramel Pecan Chocolate Brownie – $12. It’s a housemade baked caramel filled chocolate brownie topped with ice cream and fresh strawberry, crushed peanuts, maraschino cherry and icing sugar. This dessert is the perfect size for sharing and will delight everyone.

Overall, we had a fabulous night at Brooklyn Depot, make sure you are hungry, as all the servings are generous and very well priced. The staff were exceedingly friendly and would always check you had everything you needed. It’s very well worth a visit!

Brooklyn Depot Kitchen and Brew 65 Holt St Surry Hills NSW 2010 Phone 02 9211 2255

Other locations:

The 4217 T2, 10 Beach Rd Surfers Paradise QLD 4217 Phone: 07 55267666

Shop B8 / B9. 168 Gray St. South Bank QLD 4101 Phone: 07 3844 3040

Shop 4, 399 Lansdale St. Melbourne VIC 3000 Phone 03 9600 0488


E_deliciou_S dined as guests. 




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