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Buffet restaurant option: Misto at Seda Vertis North in Quezon City

Gathering a large group for a meal can be challenging.
People coming from different locations are inevitably held by Metro Manila traffic, and arrive at different times. Everyone has his own food preferences, and some are on diets — no carbs, no meat, high-protein, vegan, vegetarian.  Ordering a la carte and trying to cater to everyone can be difficult.

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My Kitchen at The Oasis in Manila – prepare to be delighted

With the horrible traffic jams within Metro Manila, one tends to avoid out-of-the-way restaurants. However, I happily make exceptions for gems like My Kitchen at The Oasis.
My Kitchen is in the little-known Oasis Park Hotel tucked into the curving narrow Belen street in Manila. It may as well be in Timbuktu, if you live in Quezon City and work in Pasig City, given the infuriating traffic jams around the metropolis! Yet for more than a couple of special occasions, we have chosen to celebrate here.

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For Filipino casual dining, you can’t go wrong with Via Mare

Cafe Via Mare is a Filipino restaurant that’s been thriving in the Philippines since the 80s. Operated by Glenda Barretto, the well regarded restaurateur who started Via Mare as a seafood specialty restaurant in the 70s, Via Mare expanded to a chain of coffeeshops to satisfy casual diners who want a more relaxed atmosphere to enjoy Filipino food.

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Experience Izakaya Dining @ Yebisu Bar & Grill, Chinatown Sydney

Located in the heart of Sydney’s Chinatown, Yebisu Bar & Grill is an authentic Japanese Restaurant specialising in Izakaya dining, serving a mixture of small plates or tapas-like dishes to be shared. If you’re game, Izakaya is best enjoyed with accompanying drinks like sake or beer which are very popular, otherwise you can always have a non-alcoholic drink to go with your food.

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Sydney’s Zona Azzurri opens

If you’re looking for a new HOT SPOT for Italian dining, Zona Azzurri is the one. The 140 seater restaurant is the latest addition to the ever changing restaurant scene in the inner-city suburb of Alexandria. This suburb was once the epitome of industrial Sydney, but now it’s switching gears to becoming a mix of high-rise residential areas, upscale offices, and home to trendy restaurants, cafes and shops.

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Review: House Bar & Bistrot, Potts Point

Decades ago, the leafy Kellet St in Potts Point was once a busy social and dining scene in the Cross, a mixture of top notch restaurants, trendy cafes, massage parlours, pubs and residential area. Over the years, a number of businesses have closed their doors except for a few iconic venues that have become Sydney institutions. Thankfully new places are popping-up and hopefully they will bring back the once buzzing scene of this lovely street.

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Review: The Sydney Chin Chin Restaurant experience!

Adding to the vibrant food scene in Surry Hills is the Chin Chin Restaurant which opened late last year, a sibling to the very popular and successful Chin Chin Melbourne which offers a modern take on South East Asian fare, particularly Thai cuisine. The restaurant occupies the Griffith Teas Building along Commonwealth St, one of Sydney’s landmark buildings.

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Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant opens at Westfield Sydney!

Over the last few years, Japanese food has gradually been permeating the Sydney food scene with more choices of specialised Japanese cuisine. Gone the days when we think of Japanese food as either sushi or tempura.

Leading the pack is the ‘Teishoku’ dining introduced by Plenus Co Ltd, operator of renowned Yayoi, the largest Japanese Teishuko Restaurant chain in Japan, they also have outlets across Asia and the USA.

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Restaurant review: Bellbird Dining + Bar

This is my second visit to Bellbird Dining + Bar located on the ground floor of the imposing Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in Casula, South West of Sydney, since it was launched earlier this month, link here. It is fascinating to see how luscious the vegetable garden has become, some veggies have sprays of white and coloured flowers attracting hardworking bees which are vital for plant pollination. The surrounding foliage is denser and you can hear birds singing, oh yes, the abundance of bellbirds populating the riverside which the restaurant takes its name.

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