Ara Zero – Alcohol Removed Wine

Dry July is the month when we pledge ourselves to take a break from drinking, make some healthy lifestyle changes and raise funds for people affected by cancer. It’s a good cause and the awareness of this fundraising is drawing a big following each year. If you want to participate next year, check out Dry July for all the details.

Last month, we were gifted with a couple of bottles of Ara Zero Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, a non-alcoholic wine by Ara Wines from the renowned wine region of Marlborough in New Zealand. We have visited the Marlborough region before when we did a road trip in the South Island. Marlborough is a haven for wine lovers. The imposing valleys of vine, wineries, delicious food, wine tasting and scenic drive views are just beyond amazing! We managed to visit a few wineries and tasted some of the most delicious sauvignon blanc, shame one of us was the designated driver! Best thing you can do is a cellar door to take away and enjoy later.

Ara Zero was a very welcomed addition to our drinks cabinet that we enjoyed during the month of Dry July. Exquisitely presented, each bottle was wrapped with crisp white paper, with an individual ribbon and seal. Very elegant indeed!

Launched in 2020 in Australia, this product has been crafted with the utmost care and detail. The entire winemaking process mirrors that of full strength wine, from the choice of grapes, picking and processing in the winery.

According to the Giesen Group who makes Ara Wines; “Making 0% alcohol is more expensive to produce compared to its full-strength counterpart and it is our absolute goal to produce 0% wines that taste like wine and not like grape juice”,

Ara Zero has 16 calories per 125ml glass (or 13 calories per 100ml glass) – 80% fewer calories than a full strength 12.5% alcoholic wine.

Pale straw in colour with those distinctive fruit notes of citrus and grapefruit, it’s crisp, refreshing and taste just like a premium Sauvignon Blanc.

If you’re seeking an alcohol free alternative, then Ara Zero is just for you. You can order by visiting Ara Wines online store.

Let’s drink to that!


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