Things to Do at Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach is one my favourite beaches in the Eastern part of Sydney. It’s less crowded compared to Bondi Beach, easy to reach by public transport with plenty of parking. There are lots of things to do, a perfect destination for everyone! Dotted with top notch restaurants, cafe, pubs, shops and parks making it an ideal day out.

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach stretches for around 400 meters and curves around the base of the bay. With soft grainy sand, pristine water this beach is a popular destination for the whole family especially the little splashers. On the southern end you’ll find Ross Jones Rockpool, a swimming pool built in 1947. When there is a swell, waves spill over the concrete walls. On the opposite end you’ll find Giles Bath, a small natural rock pool. On the top of Coogee Headland is the Bali Memorial sculpture built in honour of the 88 Australian who died in the Bali bombings.

The Promenade

The Promenade is the place to be seen, walkers, joggers, and tourists pack this strip especially in late afternoon. A 47-metre long rainbow was painted during the Mardi Gras week this year in support of diversity, inclusivity and equality of the GLBTQI+ community. Goldstein Reserve is the grassy park of Coogee Beach and has shades and benches perfect for picnic.

Wedding Cake Island

Swimming at Coogee Beach is quite safe, having a 75 meter wide, 300 meter long Eco Shark Barrier that extends from the seabed to the surface and provides a completely enclosed swimming area. Wedding Cake Island located approximately one kilometre off the beach protects the beach from most swells. Many swimming events use it as a marker to swim out to and back.

Ross Jones Rockpool / Coogee Surf Life Saving Club

Founded in 1907, the Coogee Surf Life Saving Club is a volunteer based organisation committed to serving the community and keeping the public safe. Membership is open to everyone. For fees check out their website here.

Outdoor Showers

Facilities and ammenities are state of the art! There is an outdoor shower for a quick wash whilst on the lower promenade public amenities are available, there is a life guard station and surf club facilities.


Recent amenities block which is fully accessable.

Wylies Baths

I’d say it’s a hidden gem. Wylies Baths is a heritage-listed 50 meter tidal swimming pool. Coastline views from here are spectacular, the pool is home to marine life, fish, octopus and sea urchin. It has a kiosk serving up snacks along with change facilities. Open all year round, entrance fee is $5.50 single adult. Concessions are available.

McIver’s Ladies Baths

McIver’s Ladies Baths is the last remaining women’s-only seawater pool in Australia. Entry fee is $2.50. The bath is closed for maintenance and upgrade until June 1, 2021.

Coogee Oval

Directly opposite Coogee Beach is the well maintained Coogee Oval. A cricket ground in the summer time and home of the Randwick Rugby Union Club in winter.

Coogee Bay Hotel

A must-visit is the iconic Coogee Bay Hotel, it offers accommodation, food, pub and a beer garden. A perfect place for a beer and a bite.

How to get there:
Bus: From Circular Quay Bus 373 374 / From Central Station Bus 372
Train: To Bondi Junction then bus to Coogee Beach Bus 313 314

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