Okami Japanese Restaurant, all-you-can-eat Japanese has arrived in Sydney

If you’ve experienced ‘tabehoudai’ – all-you-can-eat in Japan before then good news Sydney-siders, this favourite Japanese pastime has arrived in Sydney. Originating from Melbourne, Okami Japanese Restaurant offers bargain-priced dining for $34.80* per person (*minimum 2) for two hours of all-you-can-eat Japanese favourite fare. There are three branches in Sydney right now, located in Marrickville, Silverwater, Cronulla and soon in Penrith. We recently had the opportunity to check out their newly opened branch in Silverwater.


The restaurant sits on a prominent corner location of Beaconsfield and Melton Streets, it’s the only restaurant in the area. Building is a single story and free-standing with a minimal logo outside welcoming you. Inside is warm with an inviting vibe, nice lighting and highlighted by some decorative hanging ropes that bring a simple yet bold impact for a cozy and casual atmosphere. It has wide glass windows letting in street views and lots of light. It can seat 70 customers at full capacity.

Okami Japanese Restaurant

Our booking was the 19:45 – 21:45 sitting, this follows on from the earlier 17:30 – 19:30 sitting, allowing for a clean and turnaround of the space. When we arrived, a number of guests were already queueing at the entrance. Doors opened on the dot, guests booking were checked and confirmed on a tablet then ushered to their respective assigned tables. We were seated by the window in the middle of the restaurant, the table was neatly set up with napkins, chopsticks, soy sauce and small plates typical of a Japanese style dinner.


All-you-can-eat menu caters to all tastebuds, consisting of more than 30 favourite dishes to choose from, both hot and cold selections. Made fresh to order and designed to share. There’s also a separate wine and drink menu with premium Japanese Sake on offer along with ocha (green tea) and a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Sushi and Sashimi Platter
Different dishes
Teriyaki chicken teriyaki
Beef carpaccio

We devoured at least 14 dishes that just hit the right spot, I tell you we were so full. All with great texture and a right balance of flavour profile, we couldn’t fault any, a truly Japanese food indulgence. Amongst the stand out dishes that we tried: Sushi and Sashimi combination was fresh, a great marriage of quality and quantity. Beef carpaccio was tender with light searing served with ponzu sauce and a little kick of wasabi mayonnaise on the palate. Ball shaped ‘takoyaki’, with a nice batter creating a slightly crispy on the outside yet soft and gooey on the inside, stuffed with a little nugget of octopus. Other stellar dishes that are a must-try, go for Teriyaki chicken skewers, Tempura, Yakiniku Beef and Fried Beef Udon.


Moment when everyone is seated, orders were buzzing from table to table. Entree and cold dishes are handy starters and they came out of the kitchen spontaneously. Our food was served all in a timely manner, nicely presented, warm for those freshly cooked. We looked around, there is no single table without a dish, they obviously have a good system in place to maintain that level of service. Very good effort and team work amongst the staff, kudos! We finished off our dinner with a lovely serving of 3 different macha ice cream flavours and mochi ( Japanese cake).

Okami Japanese Restaurant

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Okami Japanese Restaurant, it totally exceeded our expectations. Menu, vibes, coolness factor and customer service are on point. We highly recommend! There are also concessions, no charge for children under the age of 4, senior card holders / 60 year olds and above can enjoy the $29.80 cover charge. BYO wine only is allowed with $5 per bottle corkage and take away order is also available. We would like to thank Papaya Agency for organising our booking.

53 Beaconsfield St, Silverwater NSW 2128
IG: @okamirestaurant
Facebook: OKAMI Japanese Restaurant


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