Yukis at the Quay is a must-try Japanese restaurant in Sydney

If you want a fine dining Japanese restaurant with breathtaking views and equally good food then Yukis at the Quay is for you. Located on the 4th Level of the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay, the vistas here are spectacular with panoramic views of Sydney Harbour including the Sydney’s iconic structures, the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and growing and colourful skyline.

Yukis At the Quay

The indoor dining area provides an intimate and relaxed ambiance with chic furnishings, a perfect setting for an exquisite epicurean journey whilst the stunning balcony bar is airy and flows in an abundance of natural light.

I had the opportunity to sample some of their menu items through an extended invite from Jen (@sweetandyummie on Instagram) and I must say the food is simply exceptional.

Menu consists of traditional and modern Japanese fare and a special curated menu was prepared for us. We started our food tasting with a crisp and fruity bottle of 2017 Mclaren Vale Brini Chenin Blanc, a perfect pairing for Japanese food.

Popcorn Shrimp

The first dish to arrive was as serving of a light, tender and crispy Pop Corn Shrimp. If you’re looking for something to start as appetiser, this dish has it all.

Black Cod Saikyoyaki

This brought back a lot of memories of my time living in Japan, my tastebuds danced to every bite of the Black Cod Saikyoyaki. It was grilled to perfection with a deliciously unique savoury flavour.

Sashimi and Sushi Boat

My jaw dropped when the Sashimi and Sushi Boat docked at our table. Immaculately presented, an assortment of freshest seafood that almost came straight from a fisherman’s wooden boat. The sashimi slices were generous along with the melt in your mouth sushi favourites.

Wagyu Boneless Rib served with special sauce.

For meat-lovers, look no further than the grilled Wagyu Boneless Rib with a special sauce. Served medium rare, or how you prefer if this is not to your taste, it is a good quality cut. Sauce adds a burst of rich umami flavour to the meat.

Seafood Paper Hot Pot

Seafood Paper Hot Pot was the crescendo of our meal. A mixture of seasonal seafood and vegetables served on a big platter. The paper pot uses a sterno fuel system in the bottom to keep the miso based broth to a simmer/boil. When the broth starts to simmer, dip in some seafood, vegetables and noodles. Once cooked, which is very quick, scoop out of the paper pot and devour. This is one of those dishes that engages everyone at the table.

Japanese Cheesecake with Matcha Ice Cream

We finished off our dinner on a sweet note of a cotton-soft and creamy Japanese cheesecake served with matcha ice cream and fruits along with a rich and gloriously ruby red port. What a dinner invite!

Apart from dining, you can also avail of their balcony deal:
$15 for a combination of a 400ml Asahi Super Dry or a Glass Wine of the Day and one of sides below:
1. JFC – Japanese Fried Chicken 3 pieces
2.Takoyaki – Octopus pancake balls 5 pieces
3.Edamame Beans
4.Pork Gyoza Dumplings 4 pieces
5.Fried Octopus 6.Vegetable Spring Rolls 4 pieces

Level 4, Overseas Passenger Terminal Circular Quay NSW 2000 Tel 9252 8600

E-deliciou_S dined as guest of @sweetandyummie


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