July, a mid-winter foodie adventure

It was the middle of winter but the foodie scene in Sydney is hotter than July to say the least. New restaurant menus launched along with themed pop ups sprouted around the Sydney food scene. My gratitude to Jen @sweetandyummie on Instagram for extending her invites and tagging me along to some of the most incredible dinners in July. Here are my July top pick restaurants.

Spice Alley – Kensington St Chippendale NSW 2008

Who needs to go to Asia when Asia comes to you. Immerse yourself with the flavours of Asia in this one big hawkers style centre in Sydney. With a great variety of food from mild to spicy to choose from, an ambiance which is truly Asia, this is the place to reminisce your food travels in that part of the world. The flavours here simply scream authentic! Be early to get the best table. It’s BYO and you can purchase a drink / wine cup for .50 cents. 

IG: Spice Alley

Dinner was sponsored by the Filipino Food Movement Australia

Spice Alley

Mabuhay Night Kamayan Pop Up Sydney Cebu Lechon Native Eatery – 80 Enmore Road Newtown 2042

Kamayan – a traditional way of eating by hands in the Philippines. It brings fullness of joy and togetherness, a bonding time for families and friends sharing a big spread of colourful food served on banana leaves. And who would of thought that Kamayan would be introduced to the Sydney food scene?

A sold out two night event hosted by Filipina Chef and Author (No Forks Given – a compilation of stories of her travels and recipes) Yana Gilbuena, a critically-acclaimed global nomadic chef who’s travelled through all fifty states of the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Colombia. In collaboration with Filipino Food Movement Australia, Yana surprised the curious and hungry diners with her modern version of Kamayan, dishes like Salmon Poke, Kabuteng Sisig and Tsokolate-eh to name a few. Sydney Cebu Lechon provided servings of their famous lechon (roasted suckling pig) to complete the epic Kamayan style. A sweet finishing note of Sans Rival provided by Hannah Dessert. Mabuhay! 

Website: Filipino Food Movement Australia IG: FFMA

Kabuteng Sisig

Zaaffran – 10 Darling Drive Sydney Darling Harbour NSW 2000

Next time you need a spot where the view is just as perfect as the food then head to Zaaffran in Darling Harbour! Offering a great selection of authentic Indian food along with bespoke cocktails in an intimate setting.

Check out the Chengaezee Thaal for 2, it’s a riot of colours and flavours. Leave a room for the irresistibly sweet and syrupy ‘gulad jamun’, it’s simply divine.

IG: Zaafran


New Star Kebab Restaurant 15 Auburn Rd Auburn NSW 2144

Whether you are seated outside or inside, you’ll find yourself under the sun of Turkey with its warm, friendly and inviting vibes. 

Sharing an epic Turkish delight with fellow Sydney foodies, these dishes totally wowed us for the night: mixed shish plate, lahmacun pide, halal snack pack and falafel plate. Definitely it’s worth adding to your restaurant list to visit around Sydney if you haven’t been there yet.

IG: New Star Kebab Restaurant

New Star Kebab Restaurant

The Morrison Bar and Oyster Bar 225 George St Sydney NSW 2000

Celebrating its 7th annual Oyster Festival, we had a chance to sample some of their latest festival offerings. The dinner invite kicked off with a serving of freshly shucked oysters, I must say our palate was tantalised by the different oyster toppings particularly the kimchi vinaigrette, which had a kick on the tastebuds. A glass of bubbly was paired to this gorgeous starter. 

Other dishes that we tried were: oyster carbonara and slow cooked pork belly with Southern fried oysters and finished off with chocolate fondant cake and nougat.

The festival ends this month, you still have a few days left! To book, visit their site.

IG: The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room

Morrison Bar and Oyster Bar

Kusuka Cafe – 12 / 339 Sussex St Sydney NSW 2000

Find the perfect Instagramable combination of colourful drinks, variety of creative offerings and luscious sweets then head to Kusuka cafe, you will be mesmerised, I promised you that.

The truffle congee is full of wins, it’s not only cute, it’s also packed with punchy flavours. Pour the ube and taro sauce on the thick toast with pink latte jam, ice cream, strawberry and fair floss, mmmmm it’s magical and will have you snapping away to your heart’s content. 

IG: Kusuka Cafe

Kusuka Cafe

Acre Eatery – 31A Mallet St Camperdown NSW 2050

Mamma mia, you’ve got to try this place! A farm-to-table venture like no other. The site of the former Camperdown Bowling Club has now been transformed into a restaurant overlooking a huge vegetable garden. It’s inviting, airy with lots of natural light. 

This place specialises in Italian fare. The following dishes hits a big note in terms of presentation and flavour profile: venison carpaccio, hand-made gnocchi and wood fired cauliflower. 

Make sure to check out their dessert trolly of goodness, your sweet tooth will definitely scream for more. 

IG:  Acre Eatery

Acre Eatery

E_deliciou_S would like to thank the following top foodie bloggers / organisation: @sweetandyummie, @filipinofoodmovementaustralia @teafortammie @thewhereto

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