Mabuhay nights dining pop-up brings Modern ‘Kamayan’- style to Sydney

Sydneysiders are you ready for Kamayan? Every time I’m back in the Philippines, I always declare going Kamayan (traditional way of eating by hands) for a day with the family. It brings us fullness of joy and togetherness, a bonding time sharing a big spread of colourful array of food served on banana leaves.

The upcoming Mabuhay Nights Dining Pop-up is an exquisite take on modern Kamayan, a one truly Filipino dining experience you can’t afford to miss. So buy your tickets now!

When: Tuesday 9th July and Wednesday 10th July
Where: Sydney Cebu Lechon, 80 Enmore Road, Newtown
Time: 6.30pm Cost: $70
Tickets: Tickets are available to purchase on Event Brite at Enjoy complimentary Calamansi Juice. BYO is available.

Imagine a table laid out with banana leaves rather than typical tablecloths. Colourful food like lechon, lumpia, prawns and enough mounds of rice to fell even the toughest of carb-loaders are strategically placed on all areas of the long table. Guests are seated next to family, old friends, new friends. It’s a fun festival of food and feasting.

Kamayan Feast

Have you just stepped into an exotic culinary wonderland? Yes, quite possibly, but for Filipinos in Sydney this is no new concept – it’s called a KAMAYAN FEAST and the Filipino Food Movement Australia is bringing this to Sydney’s uninitiated as part of its MABUHAY NIGHTS series of pop-up events, on Tuesday 9th July and Wednesday 10th July 2019, at Sydney Cebu Lechon (80-80A Enmore Road, Newtown) which was recently crowned one of the best new restaurants in Sydney right now.

Chef Yana Gilbuena

Special guest at the event is Filipina Chef and Author (No Forks Given – a compilation of stories of her travels and recipes) Yana Gilbuena, a critically-acclaimed global nomadic chef who’s travelled through all fifty states of the USA (and 8 provinces in Canada, 4 cities in Mexico, and 3 states in Colombia, if you’re asking) to prepare Kamayan feasts. Through her SALO series of pop-up Kamayan dinners, Yana will join forces with the Filipino Food Movement in this month’s dinner.


Kamayan Feast

Put simply, it’s a style of eating done with your hands (“kamay” means hand” in Filipino), and pre- Spanish colonisation, Filipinos ate Kamayan-style in day-to-day life. Whilst their Spanish colonisers saw this as uncouth, Filipinos have maintained this custom and it exists to this day. Sometimes called a boodle fight or boodle feast, Kamayan eating allows diners to relax and disregard strict, stiff etiquette guidelines. You may find Filipinos eating, for example rice and chicken in the same delicate handful, butit’s all in the fun! Don’t worry – the Filipino Food Movement Australia staff will be on hand to assist if you’re unsure of what to do.

You will find Kamayan style dining fun, tactile and relaxed, and will bring you closer to the Filipino culture!

The Filipino Food Movement Australia is proud to host Chef Yana and excited to show you all the fun of a Kamayan dinner. Mabuhay!


The Filipino Food Movement Australia is a registered non-profit organisation composed of passionate foodies, business owners and community members who embrace the Filipino heritage and its unique culinary ancestry. Its mission is to champion Filipino food and culture into mainstream, and to create broader awareness and appreciation of The Philippines’ culinary heritage through education, social networking and collaboration.

For further information please email at

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Photo creds: Filipino Food Movement Australia.

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