Chocolate craving? Try Maricar’s

We chocoholics like to believe that chocolate is a health food since it comes from roasted cacao beans, and therefore a vegetable.  We hold on to recent studies that tell us chocolate has antidepressant compounds and amino acids linked to mood-lifting chemicals in the brain.

But we don’t really need science to prove that chocolate makes us happy, healthy or not, right?

Swirl-frosted Round Cake and Choco Chunks

Case in point:  Maricar’s Chocolate Cakes listed by Inquirer Lifestyle as one of its Best Desserts for 2019.  She also has a choco chunks version which you can spoon from a glass jar.

*Choco Chunks

For dessert after lunch at work, I shared the swirl-frosted round cake with co-workers.

Everyone agreed that Maricar’s chocolate cake is rich, moist, fudgy, and ooey-gooey good!

Maricar’s more than satisfied our chocolate craving with its intense flavor and just the right amount of sweetness. A thin slice goes a long way so it’s an indulgence with minimum guilt.

Yes, we were one happy bunch.

Stressed on the job?  Work deadlines frying your brain cells?  Rainy days, impossible traffic jams, and dry taps at home getting you down?

*Maricar Reyes-Poon

You deserve a delicious chocolate treat. Release those endorphines and order happiness in a round 6 1/2 inch tin (or in a glass jar you can hold in the palm of your hand) today.

Maricar’s Chocolate Cakes are baked by Maricar Reyes-Poon since 2015 and may be delivered via orders on SMS / Viber at +63 917 864 8282.

Maricar has a BS Biology degree from the Ateneo de Manila University and is a Medicine graduate of University of Santo Tomas. She passed the medical licensure exams in 2008, but decided to start a show business career in 2009. She hasn’t stopped acting in films and television since. She is married to singer Richard Poon, whose family is also in the food business.

The celebrity couple writes a blog, Relationship Matters PH, and presumably enjoys the sweetness of her cakes and his crooning together.

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Photo creds: *Maricars Chocolate Cakes

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