Ito En’s Matcha Green Tea, the ultimate tea for matcha green tea lovers!

As a foodie, I have to make sure that I nourish and detoxify my body. How do I do it? simple, just a cup of hot or cold green tea! It’s refreshing, soothing and has a calming effect on my body.

Japanese Green Tea in Japan: It has a long history! During the Heian period (794 – 1185) Japanese Buddhist monks who traveled to China brought back tea seeds to Japan. The monks believed in the healing properties of the green tea, it was also used for religious rituals. By the 16th-century, the Tea Ceremony practice took on the highly ritualised form which we know today. The ceremony follows a strict protocol, preparation, requires a series of precise hand movements and graceful choreography. Visiting tourists to Japan can experience a Tea Ceremony aka ‘The Way of Tea’ and Kyoto remains the centre of this most fine tradition.

Ito En Products

Last month, ITO EN Australia Pty Ltd, a 100% owned subsidiary of the largest Green Tea Manufacturer in Japan – ITO EN LTD sent me some of their popular products to try out, Matcha Green Tea, Sweet Matcha Green Tea and Oi Ocha.  

Ito En Matcha Green Tea Traditional $6.00: It comes in lovely box of 20 individually wrapped Tea Bags. This is Ito En’s original blend of matcha, finely milled and packed in pyramid style filter tea bags. Reason for this, when hot or cold water flows, the tea bag releases all its flavours and aromas into your teacup. 

Matcha Green Tea Hot

Matcha Green Tea tasting notes, served hot:  Colour -> Bright Green | Aroma -> Well balanced, fresh green tea aroma | Taste -> Mellow, aromatic with tiny hint of sweetness

Preparation: Place the tea bag into your cup. Pour hot water 80 degrees C (176 degress F) over the tea bag. Be sure the water is not boiling. Steep for 30 seconds, lightly agitating the tea bag 3 to 4 times. Remove the tea bag and enjoy. 

Matcha Green Tea Cold

Matcha Green Tea tasting notes, served cold: Colour -> Bright Green | Aroma -> Well balanced, fresh green tea aroma | Taste -> Mellow, aromatic with tiny hint of sweetness  

Preparation: Place the tea bag in a 6 to 8 oz glass of cold water and steep for 2 to 3 minutes.  Remove and enjoy. You can also add some ice cubes. 

After opening, keep the remaining tea packets in their original box in a cool and dry place or store them in an airtight container.

Matcha Green Tea Sweet Matcha Sachets $8.00: It comes in a lovely box of 10 sachets. You can add the powder to your favourite plain yogurt, hot or cold milk and fruit smoothies. The sweet matcha powder adds a subtle hint of green tea flavour without overpowering the taste of the yogurt or smoothie. The green vibrant colour is a show stopper, great for breakfast and snacks to power you up!  

Preparation: I re-created the matcha sweet recipe suggestion written on the back of the Green Tea Sweet Matcha box. 

Put All Ingredients in a Blender

Matcha Yogurt -> Very simple, just dust your favourite natural yogurt with sweet matcha powder. For milk or water you can enjoy both by adding it into a 120 ml glass of hot or cold and stir well.  

Matcha Smoothie -> Ingredients: 2 sachets of sweet matcha, ice cubes, 30g plain yogurt, 30g bananas (or fruit of your choice), 100ml milk, 30g vanilla ice cream. Directions: Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour it into a glass and dust it with sweet matcha. 

Smoothie and Yogurt

These Sweet Matcha recipes are utterly delicious! All natural with no added colours or flavourings.

Oi Ocha – Unsweetened Green Tea 12 X 500ml bottle per cartoon $28.80: Brewed from premium Australian Green Tea. First introduced to the Japanese market in 1989 and became Japan’s favorite unsweetened tea drink. Oi Ocha (tea please) has since been enjoyed throughout the world.

Oi Ocha

Oi Ocha – tasting notes, served cold: Colour -> Peach | Aroma -> Toasty and Nutty | Taste -> Herbaceous

Ito En Ltd Japan: The Japanese company branched out into Australia in 1993 with the invitation of the Victorian Government to grow Japanese green tea in Australia. Research was conducted and North East Victoria surfaced as the best agricultural condition for the tea varieties. In 1994, the first import of green tea plants from Japan took place, however all the seedlings perished after rigorous quarantine treatment. Finally in 1996, they succeeded in keeping plants alive and by 2000 they began propagation of green tea plants and in 2001, the first farm planting of tea took place. The construction of tea processing followed and in October 2004, the factory was officially opened and crude tea was exported to Japan in 2010 alongside the creation of local distribution of tea for the Australian Food Market. 

Enjoy all the benefits of drinking green tea for yourself, it’s simple to prepare and effortless to incorporate into your diet. You can order all Ito En products by visiting their site or their authorised outlets. Free shipping for orders over $50. Oi Ocha (Tea Please)!

Ito En Australia Pty Ltd 42 Buckler Rd, North Wangaratta, 3678, Australia
+61 03 5721 3999

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