Mabuhay Nights Dining Pop-Up is back!

The Filipino Food Movement Australia Mabuhay Nights dining pop-up is back, this time it will be held at Sizzling Fillo in Lidcombe this Monday 17th June. Last month’s inaugural dinner was a SOLD OUT event and if you haven’t bought your tickets yet for the second series, then get cracking before they are sold out. Tara Na!

When: Monday 17 June 2019
Where: Pop Up Location: Sizzling Fillo 36 Railway St, Lidcombe NSW 2141 Time: 7:00pm
Tickets are available to purchase on Event Brite.

Mabuhay! It’s a term that evokes a myriad of joyful emotions, and to Filipinos it’s a greeting that means “Welcome!”, “To Life!”, or even just simply, a heartfelt “hello”.

In the Mabuhay spirit, the Filipino Food Movement Australia is hosting MABUHAY NIGHTS. A pop-up dining series, that showcases the depth, variety and distinctiveness of Filipino food and culture.

The second Mabuhay Nights event will be held at Sizzling Fillo in Lidcombe.

In honour of Philippine Independance day (12 June), join The Filipino Food Movement alongside Guest Head Chef Nina Cruz from Sizzling Fillo and Guest Head Chef Pierre Marie Lucente from Chicago Jones for a special dinner tasting your way through six exquisite dishes celebrating Filipino flavours using seasonal, local Australian produce alongside much-loved Filipino elements.

Filipino cuisine is, in the first instance, derived from over 10 distinct ethno-linguistic groups throughout the country, and like many nations all over the world, The Philippines’ culinary history is incredibly diverse, informed by centuries of colonisation and trade. The Philippines has therefore been the recipient of cross-cultural influence from countries like Malaysia and China, and, as is so prominent in Filipino history books, Spain.

From these influences, whether organically or by the country’s colonial past, the Philippines’ cuisine adapted and changed. What may have started as unique cuisines / dishes from faraway Spain has been adapted by Filipinos to better reflect their culture.

In an interview with Splendid Table, cookbook author and restaurateur Amy Besa explains that Filipino cuisine is also “food we borrowed and made our own”, hence the evolution of Filipino cuisine from Spanish colonial period to now.

Through this Mabuhay Nights event, we are acknowledging our colonial history and celebrating the Filipino quality of strength in the face of adversity, of meeting challenges head-on, and remaining uniquely true to our roots. Our culinary heritage reflects this, and we are proud of our multi-layered history.


The Filipino Food Movement Australia is a registered non-profit organisation composed of passionate foodies, business owners and community members who embrace the Filipino heritage and its unique culinary ancestry. Its mission is to champion Filipino food and culture into mainstream, and to create broader awareness and appreciation of The Philippines’ culinary heritage through education, social networking and collaboration.

For further information please contact Anna on

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Photo creds: Filipino Food Movement Australia.

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