Savour the flavours of China with Regional Dinner Series at Holy Duck

There’s only a few days left to try the Sichuan Province inspired menu at Holy Duck in Kensington Street, Chippendale. This is the first menu of a four Chinese regional dinner series which started last month and rolling out over the next few months giving diners the opportunity to take a food journey through the provinces of China. The series offers up a select number of speciality curated dishes that highlight the distinct characteristics of the region’s food. Next month’s menu will feature the refined flavours of Cantonese cuisine.

Holy Duck

The food scene at Holy Duck never disappoints! It continues to evolve with creative servings that excite everyone’s dinner plate. The consistency of the food and warm friendly vibes is second to none. When you step inside, you’ll see roast duck and roast pork on display behind the glass preparation area, take a moment to stop and check out these delightful offerings. 

Signature Crispy Duck

We were invited to try out the Sichuan Province food journey last week and the whole experience delivered an edgy chilli hit on the tastebuds with dishes packed with flavours. 


Two refreshing cocktails – $12 each were served to kick the night off! Spiced Orange G&T – Tanqueray gin, house-made spice syrup and tonic, served with fresh orange and mint, and a HD Royale Martini, a mildly sweet orange infused vodka shaken with Grand Manier, Campari, Aperol and fresh pressed lemon. 

Signature Crispy Duck

The first to arrive on our table was the savoury and satisfying Signature Crispy Duck – $22 quarter, $39 half, $68 whole. It’s an exciting and textural appetiser and a cocktail or any drink are perfect for cleansing your palate between bites. Roll up! roll up! Place some duck skin and meat, add few pieces of cucumber, shallots, and a touch of hoisin sauce onto each pancake, voila it’s ready for scoffing! Don’t forget to claim every bit of meat by polishing the bones. 

Steamed Chicken with Chilli Sauce

Second dish to arrive was the Steamed Chicken with Chilli Sauce – $22 from the Sichuan Province menu. Very tender slices of chicken with a multi-layered taste, it melts-in-the-mouth. The special chilli sauce was appetising, it provided the key flavours to the chicken. 

Twice Cooked Pork Belly

Succulent Twice Cooked Pork Belly – $24 with leeks, long fresh chillies, black bean and house made chilli sauce. Straight from the wok, this dish is so vibrant and eye-appealing. The pork slices have a wonderful combined taste, a perfect complement to the other elements of this dish.

Lightly Battered Shrimp

This is the bomb dish! Lightly Battered Shrimp – $28, stir fried with dried long chilies, Sichuan pepper, celery and broad bean sauce. With this dish, your tastebuds will be transported to the bold and spiciness of Sichuan cuisines. I must admit, it gave me a jolt after trying out a few of the long chillies but I loved this dish. The shrimps were crunchy on the outside, and perfectly cooked on the inside. Sauce may appear a little thin but it’s packed with spicey goodness, every bite was an explosion of flavours.

If you’ve missed the spicy months of February and March, then prepare your tastebuds for this April and May with one of the most popular regional cuisines in China, Cantonese Cuisine from the Guangdong Province. Then the travelling feast will move to the hot and spicy Hunan Cuisine in June – July. The finale will feature the unique flavours of Shanghainese in August – September. So book a table today!

Holy Duck Kensington St. 10/2 Kensington St CHIPPENDALE NSW 2008 Tel 02 9281 0080


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