Taste Arnott’s sundaes at Event and BCC Gold Class Cinemas

December is a big month of parties and family catch ups, the silly season where we go on big shopping sprees, negotiate jostling crowds and chaotic traffic for those tempting end of year sales and holiday breaks. It also marks the end of the school term, and what better way to get your kids in the holiday spirit than going to catch one of the big blockbuster movie releases on Boxing Day onwards. If you’re looking for something new, indulgent and delicious to go with the movie, check out these new sundae flavours at a cinema near you.

Iconic biscuit brand Arnott’s have teamed up with Event Cinemas to create a delicious new range of sundaes that will make the whole of Australia scream for ice cream, including legendary Aussie faves like the Tim Tam, Mint Slice, Monte Carlo and Caramel Crowns.

Available exclusively at Gold Class Event Cinemas nationally, the new Arnott’s Sundae range combines classic ingredients of mouth-watering ice cream, lashings of fudge topping and whipped cream, plus a selection of iconic Arnott’s biscuits to bring to life some of Australia’s greatest biscuit flavours.

“Like Arnott’s biscuits, ice cream at the movies has become part of Australia’s cultural fabric. We wanted to create an indulgent, nostalgic movie-treat that smashes together the quintessential flavour of Arnott’s classic biscuits with the smooth richness of ice cream.  We’ve had so much fun creating the signature sundae collection with Arnott’s to bring Australia their favourite Arnott’s biscuits in Sundae form,” said Adam Petta, Group Director of Culinary for Event Hospitality and Entertainment.

Vanessa Horton, Arnott’s Culinary Chef said, “We are delighted to be working with Event Cinemas this summer to create such an exciting, truly indulgent dessert experience in Arnott’s Sundaes. Tim Tam, Mint Slice, Monte Carlo and Caramel Crowns are biscuits Australians know and love, but they’ve never had them like this before! We just know the country will fall in love with the decadence and deliciousness of Arnott’s Sundaes.

With four indulgent flavours to choose from, Arnott’s Sundaes are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth:

  • Classic Tim Tam: scoops of creamy vanilla bean and chocolate obsession ice cream, warm chocolate fudge, waffles, malt crispy bits, Tim Tam biscuits, whipped cream and a cherry on top;
  • Minty Mint Slice: scoops of choc mint and chocolate obsession ice cream, warm chocolate fudge, Mint Slice biscuits, chocolate malt crumble, choc coated wafer crumble bits and whipped cream;
  • The Full Monte Carlo: scoops of creamy vanilla bean and berry ice cream, Monte Carlo biscuits, raspberry crumble, strawberry coulis, vanilla malt crumb, fresh strawberries and whipped cream;
  • Salted Caramel Crowns: scoops of rock salted caramel ice cream, salted caramel popcorn, malt crumble, Caramel Crown biscuits, warm caramel fudge, whipped cream, honeycomb, classic wafers.

Arnott’s Sundaes are available now at all Event and BCC Gold Class Cinemas across Australia for $25.

Participating locations:

Bondi Junction
Castle Hill
George St
Garden City
North Lakes
Pacific Fair

Image credits: Justine Fisher

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