Myanmar marks the beginning of a food journey

Have you ever wanted to take your tastebuds to Myanmar and beyond? Then you will truly enjoy the current series of delicious Indochine inspired tasting menus at Bistro Mekong located at Shop 5 / 100 Edinburgh Rd. Castlecrag on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. 

Starting this November through to February is the Myanmar region. It is presented through a special tasting menu which includes, Canapé, Entree, Main and Dessert for a minimum of four people at $59 per person. Wine pairing is available and is charged by the glass or you can BYO wine only.

Bistro Mekong

Headed by Kensington Street’s resident star Chef Tiw Rakarin, Bistro Mekong showcases the best of Indochine cuisine with a modern twist. The emphasis here is alfresco and now that the cold weather has gone, it’s time to dine out in a relaxed space and and enjoy their exquisite culinary offerings.  

Burma Doza

Excitement arose as we began our journey to the heart of Myanmar cuisine starting with the canapé – Burma Dosa. A thin layer pancake with tomato and egg. Star of this dish is the well-loved herby acacia pennata, just a perfect and cleansing filling to the pancake, it’s tasty with notes of earthy flavours and the chilli dipping sauce gives a little kick to each bite. 

Smoked Catfish Mix with Roasted Chilli served on Chickpea Tofu 
Fish and Mushroom Souffle

Two equally good entree dishes followed. Your mouth sings to the crunchy chickpea tofu topped with slices of smoked catfish and roasted chilli with a subtle hint of fish sauce. Dig into the ramekin of the fish and mushroom Soufflé to discover the light and fluffy interior. Suggested wine pairing is 2017 Lost Horizon Riesling Tamar Valley Tasmania. 

King Prawn Tempura 

Moving on to the main courses and the first to arrive was the king prawn tempura, king prawns in a light batter served with caramelised onion and sesame coconut salad. The presentation was excellent, the large prawns maintaining a touch of crunch that you would expect from a tempura dish, delivering wonderful flesh and freshness. What a classic umami taste, a medley of salt, sweet, sour, and spiciness with notes of fermented shrimp paste. The caramelised onion added zing to this crowd pleaser dish! 

Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Caramelised Onion 

Bold, rich and flavoursome are the three words that I would use to describe the slow cooked pork belly, the meat so tender coupled with a gelatinous like top layer which all just melts in the mouth. I can pick up lots of harmonious flavours in this dish, turmeric, spicy bite of young ginger and the sweet and sour taste of tamarind. The semi sticky and gooey sauce definitely deserves a bowl of rice to enjoy with and capture any remaining sauce on the plate.  

Traditional Burmese Noodle Soup 

This is the first time that I’ve tasted a traditional Burmese noodle soup. I’m a big fan of Asian noodles and believe me this one didn’t disappoint. Just the right amount of thin broth served with a delightful menagerie of garnishes which included fish, pulled chicken, round crackers, boiled egg, beans sprouts, banana flower, coriander along with a slice of lemon for an added citrusy touch and powdered chilli. It is a stand out mix of tastes and textures when all are combined together. Suggested wine pairing; 2016 Ingram Rd Pinot Noir Yarra Valley or 2017 Tellurian Rose, Heatcote Vic. 

Banana Pudding with Coconut, Dark Sugar Syrup 
Burmese Hot Tea 

The Myanmar journey finished off on a sweet note of Banana Pudding with dark sugar syrup and coconut alongside with Burmese Hot Tea, what a combination, we loved it!

The value of this deal speaks for itself, it is totally worth it! Experience this journey and discover all the flavour profiles embedded in the dishes of this unforgettable tasting menu of Myanmar.

After Myanmar, the regional menu will have you making your way along the mighty Mekong river with food inspired by Vietnam (February – April), Thailand (April- June) and Cambodia (Jun – August). So see you next time in Vietnam! 

Bistro Mekong 

Bistro Mekong is the sister restaurant to Kensington Street’s popular Mekong restaurant. With a modern menu inspired by the countries along the Mekong River – Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Mekong is a travelling feast and favourite destination for powerful Asian flavours. Mekong Kensington Street was awarded Best Asian restaurant in 2017, and a finalist in the 2018 Restaurant and Catering Awards. Related post, click here. 

Bistro Mekong Quadrangle Shopping Village Shop 5 / 100 Edinburgh Rd. Castlecrag 2068 Phone: 02 9958 3177

Facebook: Bistro Mekong      Instagram: @bistromekong 

E_deliciou_S dined as guests. Tasting menu was for two people.

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