Hamburg to Munich by DB ICE train

After spending a lot of time walking and exploring a city sometimes you just feel the need of a relaxing journey to your next destination. Although flying is the fastest means of travel to reach your next port, it can still be very tiring. Transfer to the airport, the rigmarole of airport checks and long queues and delays can be energy draining. And when you reach your destination, often you’ll find the airport is miles away from the city centre and a new set of obstacles just to reach it.


Hamburg Hbf (Central Station)


DB ICE Train

For a relaxing journey, train travel is one of the most forms in Europe, especially if you prepare your intenery carefully. Trains usually terminate and depart at a Central Station which is located smack-bang in the middle of the city. Modern trains are comfortable, offer state of the art carriages with modern facilities.

During our recent Europe trip, we were able to try out travelling by ICE – DB – ( Deutsche Bahn Train ) a high-speed train. Our tickets were purchased here in Sydney prior to arriving in Germany through Go Euro! Here are some of our insights traveling on this train.

Destination: ICE – 787 Direct Hamburg – Munich 

Class: First Class – Seat Reservation

Carriage: 14

Seat Number: 62 and 65  


We departed at exactly at 10:01 as per ticket schedule from Hamburg Hbf – Central Station. If you’re catching this train to Munich makes sure you allow plenty of time, Hamburg station is massive and trains often depart from certain sections of the long platforms, also keep an eye to your train number and platform as these can and often do change. 


Hamburg Station


First Class

Carriage / Seat:

It was a quiet zone carriage with a total of 56 seats with a row of single and doubles and a number of compartments seating 6, free wifi access, gadget connection at all seats, an overhead screen, air conditioned and adjustable middle table. Our seats were comfy, reclinable, spacious with ample leg room, jacket hooks and luggage storage for a small carry on just above us, large luggage can be stored at each end of the car, there were also plenty of toilet facilities throughout the train.


First Class Carriage




First Class Seats

Service Onboard:

No free food for first class, only a couple of small bags of jelly lollies handed out twice during the entire journey so it’s best to carry some food and water to save some Euros. 

A drink trolly comes around after each and every major station stop, coffee, tea and water are available to buy. If you’re feeling peckish, you can check out the menu onboard and place an order like pasta, sandwich, pancakes, cereals, fried egg, soft drinks, beer and wine to name just a few. If you prefer to sit and have a proper lunch or just a drink head to the restaurant / bar car known as the the Bordrestaurant. It’s good to have a wander through the train, maybe have a chat with other passengers or do some stretching. 


Coffee and Onboard Menu


Coffee Time


Cafe Bar (Bordrestaurant)


Our train arrived at Munich Station around 15:41, a total of 5 hrs and 42 minutes. It’s a long journey but it gave us plenty of time to catch up on that much needed rest, and give the aching feet a break, read a book, update our socials and check the news back home. The wifi was fast so it was easy to navigate our laptop and cellphones. 


Train Speed


German Countryside


Overall we enjoyed this train journey. You pass through the fertile countryside of Germany with lots to see. Trains can speed up to 300 km/h, very fast though very stable, the screen showing the speeds proof of the amazing ability of this system. First class is a quiet zone so you can rest. From time to time, the carriage becomes empty when passengers alight at some stations so you can move and have a two seater by yourself. The only set back was DB train didn’t serve free food onboard like Thalys where you received a full meal including wine for the long journey! When making a booking check out whether the train is direct or with a change.




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