Decadent Dining at Rockpool Bar & Grill

When choosing to dine at Rockpool Bar & Grill, you can expect great food, impeccable service and an upscale dining experience. It is one of Sydney’s top restaurants nestled along Hunter St. in Sydney’s CBD. 

Stepping inside the posh dining area is like taking a journey back in time with its stunning opulence. The palatial space with awe-inspiring columns provide a heritage flashback of the once City Mutual Trust Building’s grand lobby. With its mesmerising art deco interior and wonderful features, it is considered one of Sydney’s most iconic buildings.


Rockpool Bar & Grill

We dined here in the middle of the week, the atmosphere was lively with a mix of business people trying to close deals over food and wine, a group occupying a long table, tourists, and diners like us. As an option, a mezzanine floor is available with fewer tables if you prefer to be seated away from the main dining area. Once seated, you will feel the luxurious vibes along with the dramatic lighting. Tables and chairs are arranged nicely and table lamps can be adjusted to full glow or dimmed for that subtle romantic effect.

IMG_1056 2 2

Yellow Tuna Tartare

The menu is extensive focusing on modern Australian cuisine along with a comprehensive wine list. From cold starter, pasta, seafood, steaks to name just a few, you are pretty much covered here. For high end, like Caviar with crème fraîche – Sterling, 125g $600 from the US is also available. If in doubt, just ask the floor staff for any questions, they are very attentive and knowledgeable including food and wine pairing. Our server was from Italy, and her accent added a special touch to our whole dining experience. 


Grilled Bone Marrow

We started our meal with yellow tuna tartare $39 came in two separate servings for us to share. This is a melt in your mouth tuna freshness with Moroccan eggplant, cumin mayonnaise and harissa adding flavour to the tuna. Rich, gelatinous and delicate, the wood fired grilled bone marrow $29 with Milanese crust and herb salad. It has a hint of sweetness, really worth giving a try. 

Bread and butter came as complementary.  A bottle of 2016 Journey Wine Yarra Valley Pinot Noir $75 washed down these delectable entrees. 


King George Whiting

For main to share, we had the King George whiting $58 served with herb salad and aioli. The flesh of the whiting was so tender and juicy, squeezing the accompanying lemon wedge enhances the fish flavour, a truly tastebuds delight. I found the serving a bit smallish though for its price, only 3 fillets. 




Mixed Greens

The other dish we shared was Cape Grim dry aged 36 month old grass fed fillet 250g $59. The steak was tender with smokey notes, perfectly grilled and just right temperature when it was served. Juice oozing out with every bite. Boiled mixed greens $12 with olive oil and lemon was the side dish to accompany the mains. 

IMG_9610-1 (dragged)

Petit Fours

We finished off with Petit Fours $8, a tempting selection of small bite-sized sweets just perfect to complete the meal.


Dining at Rockpool Bar and Grill is well worth including on your Sydney to do bucket list. It’s a little pricey but the overall experience from food, ambiance and service warrants what you’re paying for. The bar is also well worth checking out.

Rockpool Bar & Grill 66 Hunter St. Sydney Tel 8099 7077

Also in Melbourne and Perth 

Note: Menu changes occasionally, please click here for the latest menu.

E_deliciou_S independently paid for this meal.


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