Buffet restaurant option: Misto at Seda Vertis North in Quezon City

Gathering a large group for a meal can be challenging.

People coming from different locations are inevitably held by Metro Manila traffic, and arrive at different times. Everyone has his own food preferences, and some are on diets — no carbs, no meat, high-protein, vegan, vegetarian.  Ordering a la carte and trying to cater to everyone can be difficult.

For large groups, like big family gatherings or class reunions, buffet restaurants are a good option.

There are food choices for every palate and diet, and it’s “all-you-can-eat” so you feel like it’s value for money, especially among those with hefty appetites.

Waiting is eliminated — those who arrive early can already start with appetizers and soups, and those who are late can easily catch up.

Pricing is per person, making it easy to figure out your contribution to the meal cost if you’re going Dutch.

However, the popular buffet restaurants tend to be crowded as operators try to maximize revenue by jamming all available space with tables, hampering customers’ movement. Too many tables = long lines while you’re trying to fill your plate.

Thankfully, there are buffet restaurants that put premium on breathing space, like Misto at  Seda Vertis North in Quezon City.

We loved Misto’s high ceiling, and the ceiling-to-floor glass walls across the side of the restaurant which look out to open green space.

As for the food, glorious food, let the pictures tell the story:

Start with the charcuterie section: chorizos and cold cuts, with olives, dill pickles, peppers


A variety of cheeses, crackers, chips, nuts and sun-dried fruit


The sushi selection is tempting


Choose from prepared salads, or make your own green salad


Steak! Don’t miss the ever-popular carving station


More meaty options: freshly grilled chicken and pork


I prefer to eat crab with just spicy vinegar, but if you are inclined you can also have it with  lemon butter sauce


Assemble your own sinigang soup, with piping hot sour broth, beef, veggies and finger chili laid out neatly for you


An abundant Filipino food section offers tortang talong (eggplant omelet)…


… chicken adobo (chicken stewed in vinegar, soy sauce and garlic)  and kare-kare (meat and vegetable stew in rich peanut sauce)…


… pancit canton guisado (noodles stir-fried with meat and vegetables) and beef caldereta (beef and potato cooked in spicy tomato sauce).


Pick your  sauces and add-ons to penne or angel hair pasta, and let the chef do his magic. I like green and black olives, mushroom, garlic and capers on my pasta


If you’d rather not wait for the chef to cook for you, there’s also ready-made penne in pesto sauce, next to these crispy deep fried veggie fritters


Always leave room for dessert!  However, if you’re trying to avoid calorie-laden rich sweets, you can grab some fresh fruit – watermelon, mini oranges and sweet pineappleIMG_4136

Or better yet, indulge, and keep cool at the halo halo station, and try the creamy coffee jelly for good measureIMG_4138

Kids’ delight:  12 ice cream flavors and sprinklesIMG_4137

Traditional native delicacies: sapin-sapin, cuchinta, ube maja, suman, maja mais and colorful puto — made from local produce ground rice, coconut and yamsIMG_4140

… or end your meal with these creamy cheesecakes and strawberry topped chocolatey confections, sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


The Misto buffet also offers pizza, fresh-baked breads, and a beverage section with flavored iced tea, and fruit infused or pandan-infused water.


Weekdays: Lunch buffet rate P1,350 nett | Dinner buffet rate P 1,650 net

Weekends:  Saturday & Sunday Lunch buffet rate P1,488 nett | Friday & Saturday Dinner buffet rate P 1,788 net

There is a private room available for 12 persons.  Minimum consumable is P10,561 for maximum 4 hours use by 12 persons

Looking for a deal? Keep an eye out for credit card or online promotions offering deep discounts on buffet rates.

MISTO | Seda Vertis North, Quezon City

Astra cor. Lux Drives, Vertis North
Quezon City, 1105 Philippines



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