Zombie festival in Paris, Halloween costume ideas!

It is that time of the year again when Halloween fanatics dress up for the scariest costumes that you could imagine. Zombies, witches, black spiders, ghosts and blood thirsty vampires will roam our streets again on October 31.

DSC_0410For the young at heart, the traditional trick or treat is all about fun and sweets. Clad in their costumes, children travel from house to house asking for a trick or treat. The treat is usually in form of lollies or candies. Costume parties around globe will rock all the haunted or horror venues with scary food and drinks to match the occasion.

DSC_0408During my recent trip in Paris, I was walking along Rue du Faubourg du Temple when I came across a festival with few ongoing activities at the same time. The Place de la République was packed out with many on-lookers and music was echoing in the air. So I went to check it out.

DLovwV4VYAApZxAThe festival included a vegan pop up market with food trucks for food tasting, stands showcasing books, clothing and different vegan organisations in Paris. The one that captured my attention was the pre-halloween costume festival, it was almost a zombie apocalypse. Parisians really took it in their stride dressing up, costumes were smeared with blood, guts and plenty of gore, very creative and realistic to look at. Participants were happy and ready to pose for the camera. The other activities were two protest groups marching side by side along the streets near Place de la République. What a surreal sight!

DSC_0407 (1)So, if you want to look scary this Halloween, you might want to copy the zombie costumes and make up on my photos to give you that Parisian look this October 31. Scream on!

Place de la République is located in – 75011 Paris

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