Corregidor Island, what to see!

Corregidor is one of the islands located in the mouth of Manila Bay. This island stands as a memorial fortress to all Filipino and American defenders who fought with the invading Japanese forces during World War ll. It was the most bombed and attacked island, second only to Malta during the war. Today, the historical island is one of the most popular day trip destinations from Manila.


Corregidor Jetty


Tranvia buses

The day tour includes, return ferry transfers, shrine entrance, guided tour and buffet lunch. It’s conducted by Sun Cruises Philippines. Check-in on the day of the tour is done at the Esplanade Seaside Terminal near the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City. Counters open 1 hour before scheduled time of departure and strictly close 10-minutes before departure.





The ferry has upstairs and downstairs seating as well as an outdoor area on the top rear deck, at check-in, you will be allocated with a seat number, also a bus and group number. There is small cafe on board that sells mineral water, coffee and variety of quick snacks. The ferry takes 1.5 hours port to port.







As soon as you disembark the ferry, you’ll be guided to your designated numbered Tranvia Bus and the island tour starts quite quickly. The moving history of Corregidor was played on the ferry, and only wetted your appetite to get there. Once onboard and in your first come, first served seat, you head to Battery Way, Pacific War Memorial Museum, The Freedom Fire, Middle Side Barracks, Cine Corregidor, Battery Hearn, Japanese Garden Peace, Battery Geary, Malinta Tunnel walk through light-show experience, Battery Smith, Battery Cheney, Japanese Garden of Peace, and the Filipino Heroes Memorial. The tranvia stops at these key areas and the tour guide will allow you to get off to explore and take photos. A very satisfying buffet lunch is served in the old Spanish Lighthouse grounds. A lot of the buildings are in serious decay, visiting in a matter of a few years to come will see a lot of whats left become just piles of rubble.








This is a worth a weeks slow tour, a day tour just does not do it justice, even though a small island, and can be circumnavigated relatively quickly. To understand just what went on here, the building of the tunnel, the fierceness of the fighting and atrocities at the hands of the Japanese, takes time to reflect on the sacrifices, valour, bravery and the legacy of the heroes and victims.

Corregidor Island Cavite City Philippines 

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