Take a look at Holy Duck’s new modernised dinner menu!

Holy Duck has relaunched its dinner menu redefining the traditional Chinese dining experience with a reimagined and inventive modern twist. At the helm of this East and West go-to-fast food eatery during the day, and Modern Chinese Delight by Night is Chef Neo Ni, ex Billy Wong and Lotus Dumpling.


Holy Duck

Located within the Old Rum Store, alongside a mixture of new restaurants, little eateries and bars in the now bustling Kensington Street, a short walk from Central Station and Broadway near Sydney’s CBD. Holy Duck welcomes its guest with a warm and inviting feel. As you enter you are welcomed by the subtle aroma of roast duck and other mouthwatering delights. The modern concept is echoed by the high ceilings, industrial style pendant and wall lighting, polished floors and exposed brick. A display of hooked roast duck and pork is showcased in the glass preparation room.


Holy Duck

Our table was right at the back, a perfect place to watch the action of food being despatch from the kitchen. It was a little busy that night but the service was impeccable from start to finish.


Holy Duck Display Counter

From the NEW DINNER Menu, we sampled the following:


Crispy Fried Rice Balls

We started with the golden brown Crispy Fried Rice Balls – $12 (4 pcs), crusty outside and soft inside. A crunchy delight in every bite with a hint of spice, balanced with the soft rice inside. The balls were topped with mixture of seasonal salad and thinly chopped roast Holy Duck, the accompanying sauce added a touch of sweetness and heat.


Steamed Scallops on Sliced Zucchini

Another entree of choice was the beautifully presented Steamed Scallops on Sliced Zucchini  $16 (4 pcs). The colour of the scallops were nice and opaque, slightly sweet and juicy with toppings of golden garlic, fish roe, coriander and fried millet, drizzled with a very light soy sauce. This dish is a treat to the tastebuds.


Crispy Duck – quarter

A must try! The Signature Crispy Duck whole – $60, half $35 and quarter $20 served with steamed pancakes, hoisin sauce, cucumber and shallots. We haven’t had a duck for a while and their rendition of this star dish is quite different. It was served on a wooden board with two forks to pull and shred the meat. Literally the meat falls off the bone. And the fun bit of rolling the pancake, with the duck’s skin and meat, shallots, cucumber, sauce and scoff it in one or two bites. Overall this is a stellar dish, moist, crispy and full of flavours, polishing the bones to claim every bit of meat is another way of finishing off this dish.


Drunken Fish Fillet

For seafood, our pick was the Drunken Fish Fillet $24 with greens peas and wood ear mushroom simmered in a delicate sake kasu gravy. Scrumptious in its own way, the broth is warm and savoury. The earthy but mild flavour of the wood ear mushrooms complimented the dish well.


Fried Rice Noodles with Wagyu Beef

Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Wagyu Beef $18. A generous serving, this flat noodle version reminds me of char kway teow, it is smoky, slightly salty and a filling meal. The wagyu beef was so tender.


Raspberry Ice Cream

To freshen up our palate, we finished off this gastronomical journey with a scoop Raspberry Ice Cream with Strawberry $4. The ice cream was firm on the spoon yet creamy in the mouth as it melts. For the complete menu details, please click here. 

Holy Duck is the sibling of the award winning Chefs Gallery with various branches all over Sydney. Chefs Gallery is our next destination.

 Holy Duck    

10/2 Kensington St., Chippendale NSW 2008    Phone 02 9281 0080

Open Daily

11AM – 3PM

5:30PM – 10PM

E_deliciou_S dined as guests. 

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