Sik Gaek Korean BBQ

Sik Gaek Korean BBQ Restaurant is nestled along Clissold Parade in Campsie and it’s part of the Dae Jang Kum group of restaurants with branches in Chinatown in the City and Eastwood in the North-West suburbs. This modern family bbq restaurant offers authentic Korean fare including the traditional Gogigui, a roasting method where the meat is prepared at the diner’s table on charcoal grills that are built into the table itself.

The restaurant’s signage, ambience, tables fitted with grilling plates and downward adjustable self-exhaust system, will transport everyone’s dining experience into the heart and soul of Korean food.


The menu was extensive and each dish has a corresponding photo so you can easily make your choices, with hot and cold Entree dishes, Mains, BBQ, Hot-Pots and Special Chicken Dishes. The drink menu consists of traditional Korean alcoholic drinks, beers, few wine selection and soft drinks. We chose the refreshing Korean Hite Beer – $5 as a starter. The beer was perfect to wash down the many side dishes, ‘banchan’, that were served in individual small plates and bowls, such as kimchi cabbage, spicy daikon slices, sesame oil flavoured cucumber, beans sprout, fresh cabbage salad, greens and different types of condiments.

What we ordered.
Seafood Pancake – $15
Combination Bulgogi – $40
Steamed Rice – $2

The savoury Seafood Pancake was served straight from the pan, it is quite big in size and a perfect sharing dish. Golden and crispy in its appearance with various seafood and vegetables in the batter and toppings. Every bite was an explosion of flavours and the dipping sauce adding its own flavoursome hot and spicy twist.


The fun begins when your grill hisses hand spits into life, the copper smoke hood lowered, and charcoals start to glow. The Combination Bulgogi is a generous servings of thinly sliced meat of chicken, pork and beef, all with different marinade flavours. For its price and volume, one can expect enough leftovers for a good doggie-bag. After few minutes of grilling and turning the meat, we were ready for tasting. The meat was tender and juicy with undertones of garlic and different herb flavours. The soy sauce used in marinating was not over powering and we can discern spicy, sweetness and smokey flavours as meat cooked through on the grilling plate. The steamed rice was one of the best accompaniments to the grilled meat, really light and fresh.

What a night of Korean flavours!

Tip: Korean food comes with different sauces and condiments, if in doubt, just ask the waitstaff which sauce to use for the different dishes.

Sik – Gaek Korean BBQ
115 Clissold Pde, Campsie NSW 2194
Tel 8833 3436

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