Stoneleigh Hotel by Stoneleigh Wines

An abandoned building at No. 48 Kensington St. Chippendale, has been transformed into a pop-up wine bar by Stoneleigh. Named Stoneleigh Hotel, this pop-up venue hides a lot more than initially meets the eye.


The over grown grasses and plants that surround the signage, complete with a dilapidated lounge, gives a kind of subtle hint of what you may or may not expect at the beginning of this exciting journey.


As the journey begins, visitors to this pop-up venue will be given a short brief at the entrance, then escorted to the main reception area of the building. The transformation of the whole space is simply stunning, glancing around every corner of the building will captivate the soul and fire your imagination, almost a step back in time experience. Nature has taken over the interior of the building with mixture of lush plants, branches, and a mixture of memorabilia including a violin, old telephone, more mouldy lounges, books, and masks along with a display of bottles of the different wine varietals, it’s quite magical.


As your eyes continue to wander, a glass of wine will be offered to you, your guide will then explain the wine varietal and its characteristics, flavours, acidity and body and an insight into the unique fermentation process of their Pinot Noir. Three wines were offered for tasting; Stoneleigh Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Stoneleigh Wild Valley Sauvignon Blanc and Stoneleigh Marlborough Pinot Noir. What an experience, sipping wine while enjoying the remarkable interior.


Situated in the Wairau Valley (Marlborough wine region) New Zealand, Stoneleigh vineyards are situated in a unique and natural environment, perfect for the vines to thrive and produce such excellent wines.

The remaining dates of the pop-up wine venue currently are;

Wednesday 30 November, 5pm – 10pm
Friday 2 December, 5pm – 10pm
Sunday 4 December, 12pm – 10pm

So don’t miss this magical pop-up wine venue. For further details please check out:


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