Platform 28 Restaurant and Bar

Platform 28 is located in Docklands Melbourne in the shadow of the Etihad Stadium. History speaks for itself with this venue, a former railway goods shed transformed into a modern space but keeping the rich historical features of the old building.


It was a cold night when we check out Platform 28, the enclosed fireplace gave us relief as we walked in through the door. The venue has two levels including an outdoor area with a neat layout and inviting vibes, chic lighting, a combination of modern fixtures, long tables and high chairs. The downstairs bar is where you place your food order and pick up your food when your pager starts to buzz and light up. The second floor has a bar and lounge area but unfortunately it was closed when we were there.

It was getting late when we got there so we settled for something to nibble on and not a full dinner whilst enjoying a round of beers. The menu is consist of Share Plates, Mains, Steaks, sides and Dessert and noticeably a lot of Asian inspired dishes and modern Australian along with intensive beer selection on tap and wine list.


What we ordered:
Drinks: Beer on tap and Margarita
Food: (From their Winter Menu)

Mini pulled pork brioche (x3) with slaw and apple mayo – $17. When the dish arrived, our nasal passages quickly picked up the smells that were coming out from the brioche, so this must be a good start. The brioche were just right, golden and buttery. The pulled pork completely dominates this dish, tender, lots of texture with hints of sweetness and smokey flavours. The slaw and apple mayo were fresh, creamy, sweet with a touch of sour from the apple, just the way we want it.


Chargrilled lamb fillets with tzatziki on a Greek style salad and flat bread – $39. The lamb fillets were served medium rare, tender with succulent juices oozing with every cut. The flatbread was served warm, perfect to use as a wrap or as a finale to wipe out the plate with the left over juice, oh yum. The salad was a mixture of fresh greens and sweet slices of tomato and the tzatziki sauce was a pleasant addition, giving an authentic Greek flavour to the plate.


Overall, we had a great time at Platform 28, great food and ambience. They are open for Breakfast Monday to Friday 8am – 11:30 am, Dining 7 days Midday – 9 pm. Functions and events are also available.

Platform 28
82 Village St Docklands Melbourne
Phone 03 9670 9933

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