Travel: Cahill’s Lookout reopens

As recently announced, Cahill’s Lookout in the Blue Mountains, Katoomba NSW, has reopened again to the public, so we headed out there last week to check out the new works, just a short drive past the Scenic World.


Boars Head Rock

This stunning lookout was closed for a year after the devastating bushfire of November 2015. The recent construction of new and improved steps and pathways makes the general lookout accessible to just about everyone. A concrete footpath has been laid that will take you to the edge along with new handrails. All the viewing platforms are now upgraded with new safety barriers and the grasses and trees that surround the area are slowly recovering as well.


Megalong Valley

The lookout offers stunning views over the Megalong Valley and the famous Boars Head Rock. This area is a lot less crowded, and makes it one of the best places to view the breathtaking scenery, a perfect place for sunset viewing, perhaps a picnic too.


Views from Cahill’s Lookout

When visiting the Blue Mountains, these attractions should be at the top of everyone’s list, the Echo Point, Three Sisters and the Scenic World which includes the Scenic Skyway, Cableway and Walkway.

The Blue Mountains is approximately an hour and half drive from Sydney. Getting there is straight forward by car via the M4 connecting to the much improved Great Western Highway. Trains depart from Central Station in Sydney on a regular basis, and will take you to there in less than 2-hours on a pleasant and meandering journey to Katoomba, which is home to many historical buildings like the wonderful Carrington Hotel, and all manor of shops, cafes and restaurants, (please see our review of Pins on Lurline).

Enjoy your day your own way or join a day trip organised by local tour operators, which can include all the highlights of The Blue Mountains.

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