Pub review: Newtown Hotel

The Newtown Hotel is no doubt one of the most iconic pubs along busy King St in Newtown. Over the years, it has seen many changes, from being a popular gay bar with fabulous drag shows, to the mixed Urban watering hole it is today.


Whiskey Sour

My friend and I visited on a Wednesday night for a quiet drink. As we walked through the main doors, we noticed the beautifully designed lounge areas with eclectic vibes. The downstairs bar offers wide range of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. To kick off the night, we ordered the Whiskey Sour – $18 and Young Henrys Hop Ale –  $8.50.


Japanese Hotdogs

As we settled in for the evening, we decided to visit the second floor. A large seating area for diners including a private area, a Caravan inspired room, and the open kitchen where you can check out the chef and his crew in action. The menu which has Japanese and Oriental hints, was very tempting indeed. We ordered the Japanese Hot Dog with spicy miso, slaw and crisp nori – $10 and Yaki soba (grilled noodles) with pork belly, nori and sesame – $24. The execution of these dishes were outstanding. The hot dog integrated well with the accompaniments and the pork belly was tender, a melt in your mouth dish.

Yaki Soba

The highlight of the night was sitting on the upstairs balcony watching the world go by, coupled with delicious food and drinks, how very Newtown!

Newtown Hotel
174 King St Newtown NSW 2042
Hours – 12pm – late

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