A MUST-DO day visit to Pommery and Taittinger Champagne Houses in Reims

Oh champagne! champagne lovers!

How could you visit Paris and not to include the city of Reims for a side trip. It’s only a mere 45 minutes by TVG from Paris Est station.

I left Paris and arrived Reims early so I have plenty of time to explore one of the gastronomical centres of France. Walking around the old town à pied offers me to appreciate both the elegance of its Art Deco facades and its relaxed atmosphere, later on, I joined a bus tour that took us around the city.





One of the highlights of course was my visit to some champagne houses. Yes, I have had tasted champagnes in Australia and thought I had a pretty good idea of what constitutes a good champagne, but, being in France, and having tried the really good champagnes of those houses, my expectations are now on a whole new level of appreciation.

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Both champagne houses run daily fascinating tours and right from the start with the artistic presentation at the entrance and then the many stairs to the champagne cave, and its display of champagnes and artwork both modern & historic. Lots of dark passageways at 10 degrees, thousands of black bottles covered in dust and the story on champagne making, it was an experience in itself.


Champagne cave


The best part of it for me, was the end, the champagne tasting. At Pommery, there were options to taste other champagnes for additional Euro. One particular example was the  Cuvee Louise 1999, which was simply stunning. The Champagne Taittinger Brut on the other hand is superbly well-balanced and easy to drink.

After a relaxing champagne day in Champagne, I caught the train back to Paris at Garde de Reims. 














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